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Numerous studies churn out figures on top of figures claiming the negative effects marijuana can have on you. I concede that marijuana, under certain circumstances, can induce paranoia in people. However, when it comes to lowering your IQ, I don’t believe these claims are anything close to substantial. While this may not be the case for everyone, I find marijuana to be somewhat of a stimulant which helps generate thought not get rid of it. To me, it seems like opposition to marijuana is just inventing excuse after excuse in an attempt to end the ‘reefer madness’ sweeping the world which has been justified by numerous pieces of substantial proof pertaining to marijuana’s medical capabilities.

Many studies claim that smoking marijuana when you are younger can lead to a number of brain disorders and a decrease your IQ. This claim does seem reasonable, however, when you consider not only how many people in general smoked weed in their younger years but also the substantial amounts of billionaires and certified geniuses who have admitted and advocated smoking marijuana in their younger years.

While I don’t believe that marijuana should be promoted or scrutinized, I believe it should be considered in a factual and impartial manner so as to give people the truth surrounding the substance. Instead, the press tends to use click-bait and scandalous articles which causes people to view marijuana in the same way that many considered it previously, as a drug as opposed to a herb with bona fide medicinal value.

October 10, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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