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With television, in general, it is often hard to find an equilibrium with most things, like how much humor is too much or how much can you focus on one subject before it becomes too much? Very few programs manage to find this middle ground, and even them many few seem to work that out but very little else. When it comes to marijuana and drugs, in general, I racked my brain for a long time trying to figure out one which ‘got it right’ so many make it the main focus point or exaggerate it to the extent it becomes a really big deal so to speak. I smoke marijuana but it doesn’t rule my life and although I blog about weed, It doesn’t rule my life and It’s a pretty casual thing.

Peep Show by David Mitchell and Robert Webb is perhaps the only example of a television show getting drugs right whilst simultaneously being utterly hilarious. I’d possibly go as far as to say that Peep Show is the best comedy of all time, but that's another matter, it manages to portray the everyday life that many people lead, through presenting the joys, excitement and the sheer mundaneness of it at times.

It presents weed in a casual manner, with Jeremy or Jez (Mark being the other main character) smoking joints casually throughout and through all his flaws which are highlighted, marijuana consumption is not one of them. Mark, the straight-lace desk-jockey, does not smoke weed, however, many of the women he dates or tries to marry smoke weed with Jez. All these characters are presented in a regular way as rounded people who could easily be your colleagues, bosses or mates.

October 19, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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