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In England, purple weed seems like something you only get in dreams or hanging out with rappers. It essentially seems like the stuff of legend. You see it online but not in a bag from your local dealer. Heck, the first time I went to Amsterdam I was so excited to see let alone smoke a nug of purple weed, only to be saddened to find out that no coffee shop in Amsterdam stocked purple strains. Disheartened by this my stoner life went on and I smoked many great, non-purple, buds. Purple weed became my Moby Dick. I admit to have only ever smoked a purple strain of marijuana once in this country and even then it was at a party and the guy could’ve been just bullshitting me as I was way too drunk to tell. Since then I have seen it very scarcely and not in this country. That's not to say it doesn’t exist, in this list I will run through some tasty, mouth watering weeds sure to wet your appetite.

Grizzly Purple Kush

The name sounds almost like an American football team name, so outrageous and confident sounding, you can tell this weed knows it’s the shit essentially.  The name Kush sort of guarantees that it’s gonna be good. Described as having a sweet almost flowery yet heavy taste, this bud sounds delectable. On top of that, it is also known as one of the strongest weeds on the market with an enormous THC content.

Deep Purple

Like it’s namesake, the band, this weed rocks and it rocks hard. Bred from the most pungent Blueberry strains mixed in with a little Purple Kush, this weed is both savoury and dank and is sure to hit your senses in all the right places. This weed can satisfy even the greatest Kush connoisseur. If not for its taste then it’s vivid purple colour makes it a sight to behold.

October 06, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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