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Weed has long been used by musicians, artists, and other creatives for years, but is this simply because they like to do it and have easy access to the stuff, or does marijuana actually go a step beyond and boost your creativity and make you a better musician?

While there is no quantitative evidence to suggest that this is a fact, there is certainly evidence to suggest that marijuana can definitely help your career as a musician. While I am not a musician, I do find that marijuana helps boost my train of thought in terms of creative thinking, making me think outside of the box and on the odd occasion cohesively. But herein lies the problem,stoned thoughts can at times be too ‘wild’ and lack the structure and cohesion to turn them into viable ideas. However, if you bear in mind the premise and central ideas, you may be able to re-structure your thoughts when sober and turn the ideas into reality.

Musicians have also been known to not only use marijuana to get high, but many have also based their careers around being a stoner. Look at West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg as a prime example, a figure who has transcended music and become not only a stoner icon but also a bonafide pop culture icon, which has been helped along due to him being notorious for smoking weed. In Snoop’s case, you can imagine that most, if not all, of his music, was created while under the influence of marijuana but it could be said that him advocating its usage has furthered his career more.

September 12, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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