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It’s long been said that smoking cannabis can make you lazier. Does it have some truth to it? We do know that smoking marijuana makes it easier to deal with boredom, and that can lead to dead spare time instead of using that time to do something like a creative hobby.

A lot of this is down the strains of choice available, for years, the strongest strains were indica heavy hybrids that make you sleepy and less energetic. This created a narrative that smoking cannabis makes you lazy because people weren’t smoking the right strains of cannabis. 

Sativa heavy strains that are high in THC and low in CBD, the cannabinoid that makes people sleepy and gives people more of a body buzz, can help people who want to work and concentrate while they smoke. 

There are many professionals that use cannabis during their daily routines to help them focus. Many of these people are in the creative industries. Writers, designers and artists are among those who find that a sativa strain such as Dr Grinspoon by Barney’s Farm can help them thrive when it comes to their work.

Cannabis can make you tired and not want to work, but this is down to the choice of cannabis and the amount used. If you’re smoking a lot, it may well affect your ability to work. Make sure you’re partaking in the right strain and that you’re gauging your dose to make sure that you’ve got just the right amount to give you an energetic push.

Cannabis doesn’t make people lazy, the wrong cannabis makes people lazy.

July 26, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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