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With the recent reveal that cannabis plants had been snuck into a plant display in Glastonbury making national news, it begs the question of 'do the police actually care about weed anymore?' To me it really seems like they don’t unless it’s in large amounts or in a really busy area where people can complain, but it seems like the days of getting nicked by the police for having a cheeky spliff on a field during or after school are gone. This is great for the younger generations especially as they will not have to go through the previous persecution endured by their elders. It also appears that essentially everyone cares very little about marijuana at all, as a man who changed his name to Free Cannabis managed to sneak a cannabis plant into a flower arrangement. The most amusing part that one of the man’s flower arrangements, which included a cannabis plant, won an award.

I remember when I was younger, a police officer explaining the amount of paperwork that came with arresting someone for possession of marijuana. So just a small amount of marijuana is going to reap little reward and cause somewhat of a ‘ball-ache’ in terms of paperwork. However, If you’re a dealer this probably won’t apply to you, as your arrest will likely make the paper and if you’re big in the game it may make front page news and could give a police officer or PCSO a could reputation.

So, while I don’t recommend chilling in the middle of the city for a spliff, I’d say that if you’re sat on a field or somewhere somewhat out of the way, there is less need to be paranoid about being caught and subsequently punished.

August 23, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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