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I wrote yesterday about how the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) had allowed for CBD to be used legally in widely distributed medical products. However, the MHRA are now ordering sellers of drugs containing the non-psychoactive chemical are now being ordered to get rid of their stock of the products over the next 28 days. While you may be thinking, how is that possible if it is now legal? The answer would be that now that it has been legalized one would need to obtain a special sellers license in order to distribute the products.

Now, to me, this seems a tad unfair, as those people will have to get rid of stock which has cost them money to buy, on top of the profit they would’ve made by selling them all for the sake of a technicality and set regulations which in a roundabout way would essentially let them carry on as usual in the long run.

Obviously, the law cannot be bent for just a small number of people, or rather should not, yet it seems like more of a fault with the law and the lawmakers themselves. This will come as a huge blow to those already in the business, but let's hope that the new law will allow them the resources and arena in which to succeed.

October 13, 2016 by Gareth Arnold



M said:

The government are clearing the way for big pharma to take over. That’s how they work unfortunately.

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