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Have you ever been at a party towards the end of the night? It’s petered out, the drugs have worn off and everyone is wanting to stay or go. It’s normally at this time that people would want a joint or something just to finish the night off and ease them into sleep. This is not the only time one would need a joint, but rather a common time and place where one would find it difficult to get hold of one.

A charity organisation Bud For The Boys (and girls) seeks to supply those in need with a bag of weed (official slogan pending) meaning that stoners will not have to endure the hardship of not being able to secure a bag of cannabis when they’re in dire need. This means they’ll be working around the clock (not one person I hope) to ensure that weed is readily available for those who not only need it but also those who want it.

They announce these plans in anticipation of decriminalisation in the UK and suggest that they would like to set up a ‘Just Eat’ style website wherein users can find a multitude of strains and see if they are drivers or cyclists available to drop it off in the local area.

A spokesperson said, “The main idea sprang into my head after the rise of services such as Uber and Deliveroo, the latter of which has a much more DIY feel than Just Eat due to it hiring cyclists and essentially anyone who can get the job done. The template for the Uber app is inspiring, however, as it allows you to see in real time if there are cars in your area and you can watch as it arrives.”

October 07, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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