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As i’ve mentioned before in my posts here, the genetics of weed have become amazingly varied over the last twenty years. We’ve gone from weed containing about 4% THC to an average of 16% in Colorado. 

Our concentrates have gone from the weak Moroccan hash of the 70s to the BHO and dabs of today, with concentrates averaging around the 60% THC mark.

We’re smoking more weed than ever, and the weed we’re smoking is stronger than it ever was. 

Prof David Nutt, a neuro-pharmacologist based at the University of Bristol in the UK, famous for his stance on the legalization of drugs before he was fired by the government at the time for his views opposing the status quo, once told me that it doesn’t really matter if weed gets stronger, because people tend to smoke less of it to get to the same level of high.

And it is with great regret I have to disagree with the professor on anecdotal grounds. People used to smoke one joint and get giddy with their friends, they would get the giggles, or get stoned and watch cartoons, and that is very much the way I participate to this day.

But the culture around cannabis has changed, incredibly strong weed and extracts that can make one fall asleep from a few hits means that the way we smoke is changing, and not necessarily for the better. 

Of course, stronger weed is a byproduct of prohibition. Where there is no regulation in a market, the tendency to produce the strongest cannabis possible in order to make as much profit came out ahead of flavour and experience. 

People should be allowed to smoke what they want however, and as long as people in legal states know how strong the weed they’re buying is, we have to leave it up to the individual consumer as to what state they want to get into when they toke up later. 

If we continue to strive for ever stronger weed however, there’s a good chance that the negative stigma that comes along with stronger drugs will hurt efforts to legalise elsewhere in the world. In the Hebrew bible there is a quote: ‘All Israel is responsible for one another’, meaning that all the people in that tribe had to look out for everyone else. I believe that’s true of people that use cannabis, and that every time someone messes up, or gets too stoned and calls an ambulance for themselves, they hurt the rest of us.

Is weed too strong? Maybe not, maybe it’s humans that we should keep the real eye on.

July 26, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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