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As I write this, with a slight hangover and general lack of brainpower, I can’t help but theorize what would have happened if I had spent last night smoking cannabis as opposed to drinking copious amounts of alcohol. For the most part I feel ok, however, when it comes to performing tasks which require any thought, writing this included, I begin to struggle. Bearing that in mind I ask anyone reading this to tolerate any slip-ups or mishaps in terms of content and quality of writing. If I were to have smoked weed last night in a similar quantity to the alcohol I drank, would I feel better?

The short answer is yes, almost definitely, I would most likely not feel sick, I’d probably feel a little ‘sleepy’, but nice ‘sleepy’ instead of nasty ‘tired’ and I’d be less inclined to drink more than one cup of coffee. The feeling of what can only really be called a ‘stone over’ is actually a rather nice feeling, a sort of ‘second wind’ of the high you had the night before, it’s gentle and comfortable as opposed to stressful and it comes without the perpetual feeling of possibly being sick.

On top of the physical symptoms of a hangover, there is also the vague memory of conversations which only now start to make you cringe and wince with embarrassment. You probably told someone you were a Pulitzer prize-winning novelist or an Eisner-nominated comic book artist in an attempt to one-up someone. Or maybe you argued with someone over whether Nigel Farage was worthy of support or not, possibly even over whether that mustache is a good look.

Either way it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that if you had got extremely stoned the night before you would feel a lot better, you would look back at the antics of last night and chuckle at the bizarre conversations you had or remember how great a song was that you’d never heard before. Alas this one time that is not the case, my mind is focused on maintaining some sense of normality and trying not to vomit instead of being relaxed and easing my way into the day.

August 18, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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