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Felicity London of Canon Pyon in Herefordshire has begged the government for guidelines on the drug driving restrictions after receiving a 12 month driving ban. She has stated that the legal limit is a ‘grey area’.

I’ve recently tried to give some clarification on the new drug driving laws here.

London was stopped while driving at just after mid day in Hereford. They carried out a ‘routine’ check and apparently when he approached the car he felt a ‘slight smell of cannabis’.

Felicity admitted that she has used cannabis and was a user of the drug. She was recorded as being positive for drug driving as her blood contained 3.5mg of cannabis per litre and the legal limit is 2.

The problem with these drug driving laws is that no one is quite sure when they’re safe to drive. I have commented before on the fact the laws are not really intended to stop drug driving so much as they are to make cannabis users choose between driving and smoking, as there is no real way to tell whether you are over the limit, and no guidelines to give you a timeframe where you would be legal to drive again.

If the government wants people to make responsible decisions when it comes to drugs, they need to be given all the information to make those decisions. When people have no idea how long to wait after smoking cannabis to know they’re legal to drive (and one should keep in mind that’s not the same as not being high anymore) then they can’t make informed decisions on the law, which just seems wrong to me.

At the moment however, until someone high profile gets a ban for driving under the influence of cannabis, or it is proved that people have been banned without being under the influence but while still having THC in their blood, little is likely to change.

June 20, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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