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Some people might be aware that since around 2010 it was possible to buy all sorts of things over the internet on the ‘dark web’. The dark web is a way of accessing websites that are only available when you’re using a certain anonymous part of the internet and isn’t indexed by traditional search engines. You have to try pretty hard to find these places, but once you’re there you can find marketplaces where you can buy everything from entire new identities to vast amounts of drugs, from cannabis to cocaine and everything in between.

It’s no surprise then that people have taken to using the dark web to purchase drugs in a safe way as it’s actually possible to read reviews on particular sellers and their wares. The dark net markets cut down on any violence in the drug trade due to the fact it’s all done anonymously, through encrypted messages and payment is made using bitcoin.

Unfortunately for one man, Mark Dornan, the usual ease of use didn’t quite come off for him. He was arrested after Border Force officers opened a half kilo package of cannabis at the Royal Mail depot in coventry. I’ve worked in a Royal Mail depot, and the only way one is going to be unfortunate to have a package searched by border officers is if the package itself absolutely stank of dank weed. This package probably made an entire lorry smell like a an Amsterdam coffeeshop on the weekend.

After they searched it, they raided Mr Dornan’s house and found out he had planned to sell the cannabis to clear some debt. He was sentenced to six months in prison. In defence, his defence agent had this to say:

 "He was having financial difficulties, and was clearly beyond his means.

"Unfortunately rather than go to some sort of debt counselling, as he is now doing, he foolishly decided to embark on this exercise with regard to his debts by involving himself in the supply of cannabis.

"Clearly that type of drug was going to be intercepted, and it was.

"There were consequences immediately." 

The judge commented that because of the amount of drug he had imported (and lets face it, half a kilo would last most of us about 2 years), even though he had no prior criminal activity or record, he had to send him to jail.

If there’s a moral to this story, it’s that if you’re having someone send you a kilo of cannabis through the post, they should probably wrap it up a little bit better. Stealth posting is important sometimes, and that’s why we offer discrete posting on all our deliveries.

June 16, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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