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Anyone who is fond of cannabis and the plant itself will get a bit upset when they hear about the police destroying a grow operation or someone coming along and stealing someone’s hard fought crop gets stolen just before harvest. So you might be able to empathise with the frustration that this Australian man must have felt when he called the police because his dad burnt all his favourite cannabis plants.

Police were called to a home in the Northern Territory on Tuesday evening by an “indignant and enraged” young man who said he’d had a fight with his dad.

“As retribution his father burnt the son’s prized cannabis plants in a bonfire on the property,” said Duty Supt Louise Jorgensen. “The son felt this was wrong and reported the matter to police.”

Officers attended the Humpty Doo residence (which is also a fantastic name of of a place to live by the way) after the call. The young man was under the impression that the setting fire to his cannabis plants was much worse than the act of possessing them in the first place, something the police disagreed with.

Although possession and production of cannabis is illegal in the Northern Territory of Australia, the man was not charged with anything as the evidence had been destroyed by his father.

Apparently the man has now moved in with other relatives. Possibly ones who aren’t quite as likely to set all his favourite plants on fire.

July 06, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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