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The term ‘a friend with weed is a friend indeed’ generally rings pretty true if you ask me, I generally find that you develop a pretty good bond with friends who you smoke weed with. Although I’m not advocating 16-year-olds smoking weed, I’d say for GCSE students just receiving their results it is probably a much better option than drowning your sorrows in alcohol. Alcohol makes you act erratically and generally worse in the long run, whereas a joint or two with some friends can help calm you and subsequently consider your future with a much clearer and happier head.

Having one or a dozen stoner buddies is great, as the bond between stoners who grew up together smoking weed is strong. I have no evidence for this, in particular, however, I have maintained close friendships with all my school pals who I used to blaze up with.
Music is great when you’re stoned, and listening to music used to be, and still is, one of my favourite things to do when rolling up. My friends helped introduced me to a multitude of music when smoking together.

If you’re feeling a bit down, smoking a joint alone may cheer you up or it may possibly bring you down, however smoking a joint or two with a friend will no doubt perk you up a bit. It is very hard to stop yourself from being amused by smaller things when you’re stoned, but you know what they say, ‘it's the little things that count’.

August 25, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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