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Ok, I just wanted to reference The Headmaster’s Ritual, but it does apply here… I promise.

My uncle used to get a pretty good grow on in the loft of his house. He has all the gear set up and he wasn’t selling it, just using it to alleviate the pain of a work injury a few years before. When my cousin was 14 he used to steal a tiny amount at a time, a small enough amount for my uncle not to notice, and sell it to students at this school. Eventually my cousin was caught and expelled. My uncle was arrested. Now, being as objective as I can, these punishments were probably fitting. Whilst my uncle was not dealing and only using the marijuana personally, that it ended up in the hands of students warranted his arrest.

A news article recently has reported another, similar case, but this time I have more sympathy. A school in Greater Manchester suspected a parent of smoking marijuana in his own home and consequently contacted the police, leading to the parent’s arrest. The suspicions arose from the odour of the student in this home. But honestly, if the students were not getting the weed, and if it was kept out of the school, then really why bother reporting it? 

The school sent home letters with their students claiming that parents had been smoking it around the grounds, although not in the grounds, and that police has been informed. This information came from another source, but either way, as long as it doesn’t get to the students then it seems like belligerent ghouls running Manchester schools to me (see, was loosely relevant!)

Ironically, one parents said the letters had piqued the interest of their child. "My 8 year old son was asking me loads of questions about cannabis when he shown me the letter; the school shouldn’t of really given it the kids to give to their parents knowing that most kids open the letters before showing their parents.”

If it is the case that parents are smoking on school grounds (which is not conclusive) then I understand the school’s stance, but releasing the information in that way has provoked interest and curiosity amongst the children that could have been avoided. I suppose it’s a case of just being sensible really. I mean the line is crossed when you draw attention to your actions too ostentatiously. 

March 03, 2016 by D H

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