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I ask this in a practical sense because I’ve known people who have put their weed in the freezer to prevent it "going off.” I can see the logic in it, I mean I put loads of things in the freezer to keep its freshness and prevent having to throw it away, it’s common sense right? You can buy frozen veg and fruit and keep it for far longer that fresh produce. There are certain cons to this, but on the whole frozen veg that has been thawed is better than veg that has died, right? So, if you extend this logic, surely, should you find yourself with more weed than you can smoke, it’s ok to stick some in the freezer until you’re ready for it, right? WRONG! 


I’ll put this in no uncertain terms. DO NOT FREEZE YOUR WEED!


Why not? Well, there are a few reasons! Firstly, if you store your weed at a low temperature it can affect decarboxylation. Raw cannabis contains a lot of THC-A, and through decarboxylation this turns into THC, the chemical compound that gets you high. Storing your weed at a low temperature affects this process and ultimately affects the potency of your grow. 


Freezing also kills trichomes through crystallisation. Trichomes are the fine, white hair-like that cover your bud. Trichomes contain a high percentage of THC and CBD, the chemicals that get you high, but freezing them destroys this part of the plant and therefore destroys the potency of the weed even further. 


Again, I’ll keep this simple, don’t put your weed in the freezer! If you find yourself with more than you need and want to save some for longer, keep it in a cool, dark place. Keep it in a glass container. Or, if you’re looking to keep the weed potent for even longer you can look into vacuum sealing and dehumidifying. There is loads online about the best storage methods, but this article is mainly designed to warn you off a bad one! 

February 29, 2016 by D H

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