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Full disclosure - I am a man. I have absolutely no first hand knowledge of period pains. My article is therefore limited by experience and all I can do is report the facts. I will however, for the sake of empathy, imagine being kicked in the balls constantly and hope this is a similar level of pain. Who really knows?

Now, the reason I'm pontificating on period pain, is that an LA Company called FORIA have introduced a sort of weed tampon: a cocoa-based, vaginal insert containing cannabis oil as a form of pain relief for girls grappling with menstrual cramps. Laced with THC (marijuana’s psychoactive component) and CBD (its healing component), the depository shaped like a tampon claims to provide muscle relief within without the noticeable cannabis high.

The owners said:

“Foria Relief is the first vaginal suppository designed specifically for menstrual discomfort.

“Til now, women had few options to address menstrual discomfort, primarily systemic pain relievers such as Ibuprofen or herbal teas, since the only other vaginal suppository products have been yeast medications or birth control.”

So, would that be any good? Essentially you would be getting your vagina stoned so you couldn't feel anything (although you would not feel high yourself.) I suppose it is more like going numb down there...
January 29, 2016 by D H



Cloudsosmoke said:

I was listening to a Tommy Chong podcast a little while back and he’s used suppository for medical ..I think he said he got high but that his ass also felt stoned.. If I remember right

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