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A weed farm, hidden away on the roof of a Merseyside home, was brought to the attention of local police due to the unusual habits of nearby pigeons. Or “flying shit machines” as my Dad calls them. 

The roof turned frosty in recent weeks, but due to the excess heat admitted from the set-up, the farm acted as a giant radiator, drawing 300 pigeons to the small space. An anonymous source said "Police became suspicious on the first frosty morning of the winter about 10 days ago. The roof was covered with about 300 pigeons all keeping warm....they've moved on now though.” 

When officers stormed the home they discovered 14 marijuana plants capable of producing £1,200 worth of the herb every 10 weeks.

This isn’t the first time that snow (or a lack thereof) has been the downfall of weed growers. In Holland, Dutch Police were drawn to a high-scale operation that clearly surpassed the 5 plants per-person rule by a suspicious lack of snow on a street roof. 


So, hypothetically speaking, what could they have done to avoid this giveaway? 

December 15, 2015 by D H

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