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If you’re struggling for ideas of what to get your loved one for Christmas, this ladies bag could be a go-er for a stoner girl in your life.
This handbag, created by AnnaBis, has been specifically designed to conceal your weed! Not only does it come with hidden compartments to stash your bud and smoking paraphernalia, but it has also been engineered with Odor-Loc technology to hide the smell. 
“We didn’t have anything fashionable and functional to carry our cannabis,” said designer Jeanine Moss.  “The cannabis industry didn’t recognize women as consumers until very recently. We believe women will be the most powerful and important force in the legalisation and medical use of marijuana, and their wants and needs should not be overlooked.”
If you’re interested, you can buy it here
December 13, 2015 by D H



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