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This morning, firefighters were called out to a burning building in the West Midlands when smoke was spotted pouring up towards the sky.

The team had to force their way into the building as the owner could not be found. "We had to make a forced entry. There was no occupier present and we found a fire in the back bedroom.

Upon entry, the firefighters found that the there were over 200 cannabis plants in the flat. 

"Some of the electrical equipment they use to set up the grow overloads the electrics and we believe it to be a fire started by an electrical fault.

Obviously it is a massive shame to see someone’s flat go up in flames, but my question is, what would that have smelt like? And could you have got high just by being in the surrounding area when the plants when up? 

Weirdly, the BBC didn’t mention this on the news this morning, but in my head that is one hell of a bonfire to be around. 

November 30, 2015 by D H



Raymond said:

Well well well, another illeagl attempt to disarm the American people, by the EPA no less. When are our state representatives going to just NULLIFY the goons in Washington, once and for all?Of course, the ban will not apply to our master and those who would subjugate us.So many laws , codes, statutes, regulations and other offal that have the color of law are entirely null and void and our states need to stand up and say ENOUGH. NO more claptrap from the criminals in DC.

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