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I never know how to read into studies about drugs and sex and the like; I think some people will lie about drug usage and I certainly think people lie about their sex lives. It’s hard to know whether you can trust them. Still, from experience, I think there is definitely something in a new study’s conclusion that Millennials who smoke weed have more frequent and better sex.

The study, carried out by SKYN Condoms, had an incredibly high sample group of 500,117 18- to 34-year-olds: the so called Millennials. Just over 14 per cent of people who smoke weed every day reported having sex ‘several times per day’. Among those who never smoked, only 5 per cent reported the same thing.

Similarly, Daily smokers also had more sexual partners, the study found. 37 per cent said they had 15 or more sexual partners. 14 per cent of those who didn’t smoke said the same.

I remember a Family Guy episode where Lois says to Chris “if she smokes she pokes” so maybe there is something in the idea that people who smoke are generally more inclined to promiscuity. 

It seems as though the question of “better sex” is measured only by the participants perception of their own performance with 59% of marijuana users rating their own skills between the sheets as “very good.” To me, this is definitely a flawed aspect of the test… of course people are gonna say that. But, certainly, and this is where experience comes in, the concept of having “better sex” when stoned than when not, is definitely a thing. Whether or not I’m better is hard to say, objectively, but I certainly enjoy it more!

I guess the information can be broken down into two questions: are those who smoke marijuana more sexually charged and likely to encounter piers with similar attitudes? And is the sex actually better when you get stoned beforehand. 

Any thoughts? 



November 18, 2015 by D H


ally cadwell

ally cadwell said:

love these blogs!


amnotere said:

it works but if your to wrecked (mm) you get stoner bonner were your hard but not rock something to do with blood flow.i love both ,at the same time


Mamah said:

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