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This is a world cup that won’t end in inevitable frustration and disappointment for the English (I say that because I’m English. if you’re say, German, you’ll possibly be baffled by that opening statement). Indeed, The High Times Cannabis Cup is currently underway in Jamaica… *insert a chant of “It’s coming home, it’s coming. Weed is coming home.”*

The world’s leading marijuana trade show, a cup celebrating the world of ganja through competitions, instructional seminar, expositions, celebrity appearances, concerns and product showcases, is currently taking place, should you find yourself suddenly in Jamaica. The cup is only hosted in countries and states where marijuana is legal, and as Jamaica officially decriminalised marijuana this February, it was seen as the perfect choice to host this year’s competition. 

Beneath is a poster outlining some of the key details of the event:


Now if you’re English and get my football references then this can be all of our ’66’s, should you be lucky enough to attend. If not, and you just like weed, I’m sure it’s gonna be pretty spectacular. I’ll post some more reviews of the proceedings as and when. 


November 16, 2015 by D H

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