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Mexico could well be the next country to legalise weed following a ruling by its Supreme Court that prohibiting its use is “a violation of fundamental human rights.” I’m sure there’s a bit of a man on the moon metaphor here because although it is only a small step - in terms of the law actually changing - it is a giant precedent to establish. If pro-legalisation campaigners are to intensity pressure then a refusal to respond is, fundamentally, a rejection of fundamental human rights. After all, the Supreme Court can hardly argue with themselves on that one…

The ruling came about after a group of citizens went to the court claiming that the government’s rejection of their request to start a small cannabis club and exchange marijuana between themselves was unconstitutional, a verdict reached by four of five judges who voted on the issue last week. 

Interestingly, the Supreme Court issued their decree to legalise the club through the government’s health agency, which as I’ve said before, could well be the key to legalisation in many states and countries. That empirical evidence has emerged recently - even appearing on the US’s official website - indicating the medicinal benefits of marijuana surely makes the argument less political or economical and more about fundamental human rights. To refuse healthcare to a sick person will provoke outrage time and time again, and in the case of this most recent example, can be used as leverage; a spark to the start the fire (no pun). 

Currently, the ruling only applies to those in the club, but now that precedent has been set it gives others the power needed to get their own ruling pushed through, and eventually will likely lead to legalisation (in a medicinal sense) in the rest of Mexico. 

In its reasoning, the court said marijuana may cause some degree of harm in large quantities – but so do alcohol and tobacco and they are allowed, subject to regulation. They said prohibition was too heavy handed when compared to the risk.

November 10, 2015 by D H

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