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I’ve put a question mark there because I can’t fully understand how it’s gonna work, given the fact it’s illegal, but a drugs campaigner who once presented the queen with a bouquet of cannabis insists he is opening a weed cafe in Manchester, set to open this January.

Now obviously there are a lot of if, buts and maybes to this proposed cafe, but Colin Davis is insistent his plans to open the weed cafe in the Northern Quarter of Manchester will be going ahead. Perhaps he knows something that we don’t (but it seems unlikely).

This is not Davis’ first attempt to introduce a bit of Dutch Culture into the UK’s ever growing need for new coffee shops. In 2001 Davis opened a Weed Cafe that was shut down by Police within 10 minutes. Regardless, Davis is planning to do it again and clearly believes this time he’ll be more successful. 

"We just want to make it safe for everybody. This is straight above the line. There will be no sales of cannabis until the government says it is legal to do so. Manchester is full of it anyway down Oldham Street and Piccadilly Gardens. It's everywhere. There will be no alcohol. People can come, have a coffee, play chess, chat and smoke,” said Davis.

 So, in reality is this just gonna be another cafe with fancy coffees, but set up to be first out of the figurative gates? Or is he hoping the perceived recent relaxation to marijuana (in certain counties) will mean they’ll be able to last a bit longer.  


Perhaps this time he’ll get 15 minutes. Everyone gets 15 minutes of weed, right? Or is that fame?


November 03, 2015 by D H



Dharmraj said:

Growing it, I wluodn’t. Smoking it, I wluodn’t. Selling it, I would. Marijuana is not a gateway to harder, far more dangerous drugs for the user. It IS a gateway drug for the seller. Since he’s 16, and if this is a first offense, depending on what State he’s in he may get off with a light sentence, especially if he cooperates.In one of her books, the late Texas newspaper columnist Molly Ivins once wrote, In the Great State, you can give five years for murder and 99 years for pot possession. I sent her a letter once asking if it would only be 98 years if you didn’t inhale. She never wrote back. I still liked her. She’d have something wise to say about your dilemma if she were still with us. Was this answer helpful?

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