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I don’t know whether I admire the enterprise or simply think he’s an idiot. Whether I think "fair play, you’ve got some balls,” or I think “what the flying fuck are you playing it?” It’s probably the latter, on balance, but I admit there is a definite hint of admiration for Manchester’s most audacious dealer.

I suppose the picture explains it all. A drug dealer simply known as “Jay” operating in the Manchester area has decided to drum up business by operating a “try before you buy” policy on his marijuana. This is the equivalent of those free samples you get in Costco. Admittedly I always try the samples but have never once gone on to buy the product, but still, it draws me in, right?

Locals say Jay (if that is his real name, and I think it probably is) has been spotted dropping off his cards at house parties and on street corners in the student areas of Fallowfield and Levenshulme.

Needless to say, the Police are now looking for Jay.

October 25, 2015 by D H

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