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We all know the obvious benefits of marijuana, right? Of course you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site! And by obvious I’m talking about wider reaching effects than just getting stoned… these include medicinal effects too (again, nothing new here.)
But what about less well known uses for marijuana/cannabis? Here are some of the more interesting ones.
  1. Sails and clothing.

1619, United States. A law was passed decreeing the growth of the hemp plant. It’s primary use? To be used as sails and clothing.

  1. Parachutes

As for the first, but Hemp was used to make parachutes in WW2!

  1. As Legal Tender

You know that thing about using stamps as legal tender? Well at one point after the 1619 legalisation, you could also buy a pint of milk used weed.

  1. Killing Cancer Cells

This one is probably obvious, but I’m including it as it’s still amazing to think that marijuana (and cannabinoids) can be used to fight cancer cells.

  1. Moving the Easter Island statues. 

Yeah, hemp rope was used to carry these heads through the countryside. Using three hemp ropes, 18 people were able to move the statues 328 feet! 



October 22, 2015 by D H

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