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For those who drink (I’m mainly talking to the guys) we all, surely know, the pain of drinking so much you can no longer get it up. It’s a razor’s edge. At the point just before diseconomies of scale (yes, I’ve used a business metaphor) you can be a king. You can go for fucking ages. Then, just as you reach tipping point, you know what’s gonna happen…. 

"It provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance.” So said Shakespeare in Macbeth, and to be fair to him, he nailed it. 

I wonder, however, if Shakespeare would have been as articulate as my friends in describing the effects of Ecstasy on the male. It’s kind of like drink on, well, drugs… with the desire enhanced to all forms of love and physical contact. But the flip side? No, Shakespeare certainly would’t have come up with anything as poetic as my friend Ben, who calls it PILLY WILLY. Pilly Willy occurs at the point in the night when you wanna kiss and love absolutely everyone. Then you go to the bathroom and look at your shrivelled penis and know that you’re not gonna even manage to piss out of it, let alone cum. 

But weed? For me, weed has always been something of a natural viagra (at least in my head). It doesn’t necessarily provoke my desire, but fortunately my desire is basically always there being a bloke in my twenties. It certainly doesn’t seem to take away the performance though. Indeed, it makes me feel like I can go for even longer…

Is that bollocks though? According to a new article called “Weed Dick is the new way for men to sexually disappoint you,” my impression is an illusion. The article suggests that we can’t go any longer, we just think we can as our impression of time is stretched. 

What are we saying guys (or girls)? Is weed dick a thing? Or is my initial belief that sex on weed is better than regular sex, actually correct? Validate me or disappoint me. Let me know what you thing….


October 06, 2015 by D H

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