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Over the weekend I had a drunken conversation in the smoking area of a bar. It was about half two (in the morning) so as you can imagine it probably wasn’t that articulate, even though at the time we might have thought it was. I ended up speaking to this bloke who was a frequent user of marijuana, and I told him I had a job writing blogs about it and for the last few months had read loads of articles about potential legalisation, the impact of it in American states, Jeremy Corbyn’s pro-stance, Cameron getting stoned/sucked off by a dead pig, etc… 

He asked me if I though legalisation was ever gonna happen in the UK, and I told him, somewhat pessimistically, that I didn’t imagine it happening anytime soon. Then he said, through a slur, “but if it’s happening in America, if it’s going well over there, don’t you think we’ll follow their lead?” This is what I’m thinking about now…

Whether we like it or not, Britain looks to America like an older brother. In recent decades we have began to follow their step more and more. You can trace the cultural impact of the States dripping down to us in everything from television, movies, music, food, fashion. In a political sense, too, there are countless instances of the UK falling in line. Now, whilst I can’t imagine anything worse than losing the NHS or allowing guns over here (as ridiculous as that sounds), I would be incredibly happy if we did follow their lead when it comes to the legalisation of marijuana. With that in mind, I’m now keeping an even keener eye on developments over there in the hope that success stories and changing attitudes in places like Colorado can act as the figurative animal tests (calm down, I’m not condoning animal testing or likening American to rats. It’s a metaphor!)

But my point is, if the stats of crime falling, employment rising and revenue generated in places like Colorado (all as a result of marijuana being legalised) continue, and continue to spread to other states, then this is an instance I would be happy to fall in line and follow America’s lead. The potential for generating revenue is surely something even Tories can’t ignore. 

It’s like that bit in Love Actually where a bumbling Hugh Grant (as PM) stands up against the American President in what is seen as patriotic, empowering moment. In this instance, I would like Hugh Grant to shut the fuck up, sit down, and just nod his head in agreement.  

October 05, 2015 by D H

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