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A twenty-six pound bundle of marijuana fell from the sky in Arizona. It crushed through a family's carport and smashed the home of their pet dog “Hulk". Thank god no one was hurt because I really wanna laugh at this!!!

An Arizona woman, Maya Donnelly, thought she awoken by the sound of thunder, and given the typical monsoon weather of her home state she went back to sleep. The following morning she went outside and found this:

Luckily, her dog Hulk was not inside at the time. She went and examined the cause of the trouble and discovered it to be a massive-fuck-off-bundle of cannabis! 


Apparently the bundle was worth $10,000 dollars on the US streets and was dropped accidentally by a flying drug-smuggling plane above. A package of drugs falling from the sky and landing in the desert sounds to me half like a dream and half like an episode of Breaking Bad. Apparently people joked with her about why she reported it to the police. 'But how can you have a clear conscience, right? We could have made lots of home repairs with that,’ was her response.

I of course would have rang the police too. I would have done the same Maya. Of course I would have. I absolutely would have not kept it. I certainly would have not smoked any...


September 29, 2015 by D H

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