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It’s like watching a Shane Meadows film in that, however much they make you laugh you know at some point it’s gonna get heavy and dark. Well, taking that analogy further, when I discovered there was a cannabis forest growing in London, I kind of knew I’d get hit with the sad news they’d be destroying it. 

Scotland Yard found a forest of Cannabis plants, as big as a football pitch in Kingston. Apparently the plants were as big as Christmas trees and it came with a gazebo. Now, as much as I like to picture the idea of stumbling across this forest as though I’m Di Caprio circa The Beach (you had to take a twenty minute walk through wasteland just to find it) the English version of paradise (or as close as we might get) won’t be there for long.

Still, it’s a nice image to have, right? And it’s started me wondering if any more of these little rural Utopias are hidden away in good old Albion 

September 28, 2015 by D H



Sanam said:

This is just another epalxme of President Obama and the George Soros clan’s attempts to subvert congress. They know that the votes are not there to ban guns, so they do an end around by using the EPA. It is the same thing they are doing with Cap and Tax trade . This president is destroying this country any way he can and this is just another epalxme.

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