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Ok, perhaps stoner is exaggerating, but a new biography by former Tory donor Michael Ashcroft claims our PM smoked weed frequently whilst at Oxford. And that he also engaged in bizarre sex acts whilst on the drug. 

"He (Cameron and James would come round to my room and the three of us would listen to Supertramp albums… I had a room on the top floor, and we’d all sit on the floor and smoke dope.”

Downing St. has refused to comment on these claims. And in truth, if David Cameron was pro-weed and said he used to get stoned then it would probably make me like him a little more (I dislike him intensely).

But the next story is just bizarre. One of Cameron’s social circle claims cocaine was readily available at his dinner parties. Cameron was a known member of the Oxford dining society, the Piers Gaveston. In my head it’s kind of like The Riot Club, you know? Posh guys acting like twats, splashing their money and engaging in “Banter” before banter became the popular diction of modern day twats finding a way to excuse their behaviour. There is even the claim that during these hedonistic evenings, they would start challenging each other to progressively depraved dares. Allegedly, Cameron was challenged to put his dick in the mouth of a dead pig, and didn’t refuse. This might be bullshit, but if it is true, what a sick fucking image that is.

I’m now imagining David Cameron watching the first Black Mirror episode where the fictional PM was forced to fuck a pig. At the time, I think I wondered what David Cameron would think of that episode. Terrified that it could actually happened to him? I didn’t think it would be a case of deja vu!



Tim Abbott

Tim Abbott said:

I fucking hate Cameron to

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