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So, in Florida, a man accidentally text a police captain, trying to get some weed. He thought he was texting a man he met outside a 7-11, who he believed was a dealer.  What’s going on here? Bad luck? Naivety? Entrapment? Or was the man just an idiot? It’s hard to say…

Imagine the situation. You meet someone outside a 7-11 (for UK readers who don’t know, sort of like a Tesco Express) and he gives you his number and says text him if you want some weed. He seems legit (as a dealer, even if that is something of a paradox) and a week later you think you fancy some weed and give him a text. 
You can even read the interaction. If you’ve left it a while before making contact perhaps it’s understandable he’s a little skeptical.
At this point, I’d start to be a little skeptical myself. It’s understandable he’d want to know who he’s talking to before he was willing to agree to a deal, but would you really send a photo of yourself? That was what William Lamberson, 29 did, convinced he was texting the man he met. In reality, he was texting Police Captain Brian Bergon. Now this could be seen as an unbelievable case of bad luck. Perhaps the supposed dealer’s number was one digit removed from the captain. After a few exchanges back and forth, where Captain Bergon continued to pose as a dealer, this was the result:
Lamberson was arrested on narcotics charges with intent to sell, at which point Martin County officials wrote, it was 'probably a good time to let Mr. Lamberson know, he had the wrong number.' Lamberson remained held in the Martin County Jail on a $40,000 bond as of Friday. 
September 17, 2015 by D H

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