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According to a new study, created by Recovery Brands, Iceland ranks the highest amongst European and North American countries for people smoking cannabis, with between 160-190 people out of every 1000 smoking the drug.

Incredibly, cannabis isn’t even legal in Iceland, but punishment for the crime is limited to a fine as opposed to jail time. 

One explanation for this statistic could be the relative price of alcohol. In real terms, alcohol over there is far more expensive that other countries in the study, with beer only legalised in Iceland 25 years ago.

Surprisingly, The Netherlands doesn’t even make it onto the top five in the list – despite marijuana being decriminalised.  The UK meanwhile has between 40 and 70 people every 1,000 who like to spark up some dope.

So, in order:

  1. Iceland
  2. United States
  3. Spain
  4. Czech Republic
  5. France


September 06, 2015 by D H



Ismael said:

My husband once found a pipe in our son’s clsoet and turned it and him into the police. Harsh? Yeah, but turning a blind eye to illegal activities is wrong. Plue we don’t advocate illegal drug use and didn’t want it in our hosue. Did the police do anything??? Nope. But hey, we tried. If more people got involved we may be able to make some headway into society’s problems. It’s when we refuse to get involved that everyone suffers. Was this answer helpful?

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