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I find when I go to a concert, a myriad of factors, other than the music itself, affect my enjoyment of the show.

These can be as a rudimentary as how I’m feeling that day; whether I’m fundamentally in a good mood or whether I’m pissed off (for whatever reason). This might be unfair on the musician, and is no reflection upon their performance, but it can still taint my memory of the show. They could perhaps be more physical and less psychological; am I tired or hungover? Or am I ready to immerse myself in the music. And then there could be factors more closely related to the concert as a whole. Is the lighting good? Is the sound good? Is it the kaleidoscope of sensual experience required to elevate my enjoyment beyond what I could experience listening to the vinyl in my room?

I read an article recently, which was reviewing U.K Cheese, and it got me thinking… what is the best weed for enjoying music? And does it depend on the music? Can you mix and match strain and sound to cultivate the perfect vibe?

Now this review was matching U.K. Cheese with an Earth, Wind and Fire show, so honestly, I can’t begin to imagine how that would feel.  (Apparently, “The mental buzz was ideal for a show from such veteran performers, drawing me back in with a hood i forgot I knew when my mind wandered.”) But I wanna get your opinions. What is the best weed for listening to music? 

August 24, 2015 by D H

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