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A group of MPs and Peers say legal cannabis markets should be tested and drug use decriminalised as part of a radical new approach to drug use.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform wants an overhaul in global narcotic policy, saying the "war on drugs” and “blanket prohibition” have failed. The group also believes that certain human rights laws could be used to prevent those charged with possession of the drug as being treated as criminals.

In a recent report, the all-party group suggests that experiments into possible models for the regulated sale of marijuana should be encouraged among United Nations countries including the UK.

Taking a lead from certain US states, co-chairman Lady Meacher wants ministers in the UK to try out a controlled system where licensed premises sell labelled and tested cannabis, with the idea being to eradicate the black market and drug dealers and regulate products to ensure safety for those using. 

The report also says that any regulation of cannabis should reflect the supremacy of human rights laws.

For example, someone growing a small number of cannabis plants for modest personal use, could deploy their human right to "a private and family life" to avoid prosecution.

August 21, 2015 by D H

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