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Back when I was a young, teenage stoner, one of my least favourite things about going on holiday with my family was that I wasn’t able to smoke weed, whether it was that it was illegal or simply because I was with my family. However now that I’m technically an adult, I am able to pick and choose where I go, and while I rarely go on holiday simply for marijuana, I always appreciate having the option. Now there are many hidden gems around the world where you can smoke weed free from legal restrictions, however I did see one list that named North Korea as a great destination, and while it is true that weed is completely legal in Korea, there are many other factors which probably wouldn’t make it a great destination for western tourists. Now without further ado here are three great stoner holiday destinations.


Whilst smoking or cultivating cannabis in public will land you a jail sentence which will make you regret it, smoking and possessing cannabis for personal use is tolerated. So as long as you smoke the herb in your home or alternately the home you’re staying in, you should be fine. Bearing this in mind it would probably wise to rent an apartment or some such. This combined with the beauty to be found in Spain will make for a great holiday. Catalonia and the north coast make for great holidays.

Czech Republic

With marijuana decriminalised in terms of personal use, this makes Prague a great alternative to the more stereotypical Amsterdam. Prague is a beautiful city with amazing architecture such as its grand buildings and bridges, and a nice juxtaposition of authentic old-style and modernity.


Marijuana is essentially completely legal in Uruguay, it was the first country in the world to legalize. With that in mind, you are essentially free to find and smoke weed, however, the only drawback is that, from the UK, it takes roughly seventeen hours to fly there. If you’re willing to brave the long flight, however, the nation’s capital, Montevideo is somewhat of a tropical paradise, lots of culture, nice old buildings, and great beaches.

August 17, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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