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American comedies have this sort of polished clean feel to them whereas british comedies have this unsheathed, raw virality to them which makes them a lot more relatable, especially if you’re British. However If you’re not British they offer a great window into what British life is like .British comedies have a great way of making the mundane surreal and making the surreal mundane, for example see the Mitchell and Webb Look sketch wherein the wardrobe which acts as a portal to Narnia is for sale at a market. They have this lack of fear concerning the bizarre and potentially uncool which American comedies don’t have.

That Mitchell And Webb Look

David Mitchell and Robert Webb are probably my favourite comedy duo of all time. I find it hard to decide between this and Peep Show. Peep show juxtaposes the character of a mundane office worker and a jobless, hopeless musician to great comic effect but I’ve watched loads of it whereas the sketch show is fresh in my mind.While Peep Show offers a look at the mundane life of two characters who are essentially the polar opposite, That Mitchell and Webb Look is a sketch show which injects a similar brand of cynical humor into numerous surreal situations. You only need watch the hilarious ‘Number Wang’ sketches or ‘The Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar’, which are easily YouTube’d, to understand the tone of the show.


Before Simon Pegg was the man he is today, he created this gem. Possibly his best work, this comedy shows the beauty in normality stemming from the chance meeting of Tim and Daisy, both down on their luck, who help reinvigorate their lives through interactions between each other. Tim’s a struggling comic book artist while Daisy is a struggling writer (seems obvious how the two can help each other) with Nick Park playing a discharged but overly enthusiastic soldier, Mike and Mark Heap playing the strange, avant garde artist called Brian who lives downstairs.

I’m Alan Partridge

While Coogan’s other outings as Partridge are definitely worth a watch, this is my personal favourite. The day to day life of a Norwich early morning radio DJ whose general lack of social skills and slight heir of superiority make him unpopular with other characters but make him extremely funny. From arguments with farmers to making friends with a fellow Lexus driver named Dan, I’m Alan Partridge provides two seasons of brilliance.

August 11, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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