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A study undertaken by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has determined that Twitter is alive with the sound of sensimilla.

The study collected more than 7 million marijuana related tweets between the period of February and March in 2014. 

  1. Approximately one out of every 2,000 tweets is about marijuana

  2. 15 times as many pro-pot tweets sent as anti-pot tweets

  3. Most of those sending and receiving pot tweets were under age 25

  4. A random sample of almost 7,000 tweets showed 77 percent were pro marijuana, 5 percent were against pot, and 18 percent were neutral

  5. People tweeting pro-marijuana messages had a total of more than 50 million Twitter followers, about 12 times more than those tweeting anti-marijuana messages

You can read the full summary of the study on the Washington University School of Medicine website. Below is a table showing which terms were used to collect the data. Weed and hashtag weed top the list with over 3 million mentions in one month. The lowest on the list hashtag MMOT stands for Marijuana Movement on Twitter, a hashtag used to specify a tweet is directly related to marijuana. 

    June 28, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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