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A North Yorkshire policeman has admitted wearing an ‘I love weed’ hat with a cannabis logo on it while on patrol. He probably thought he was being funny, but what he was really doing is showing just how laughable it is that cannabis is illegal.

Not only did he wear this hat on patrol the police officer defaced a suspect's CV with the words "kiddie fiddler" and "paedo" during an investigation into allegations of child abuse, a disciplinary hearing has been told.

“North Yorkshire Police officer Pc Simon Ryan denies gross misconduct but has apologised, claiming his "puerile" behaviour was intended to "leaven" the mood of colleagues.”

The hat had been given to him by his 26-year-old stepson, his defence representative said during an official investigation, and when he wore it, he was not seen by any member of the public and was in the dark.

He added: "Pc Ryan offers a wholly unconditional apology to his colleagues, to North Yorkshire Police force and to the wider members of the public for allowing his sense of humour to dominate the way he behaved. He recognises, of course, it was inappropriate.”

Of course, the problem isn’t that wearing the hat was a bad joke, the problem is that this man is in charge of arresting people for offences to do with cannabis. If he thinks this is funny, how can we expect him to be fair and unbiased during an investigation? The British police are by and large not like this man however, they are fair and many given discretion for cannabis offences that would technically be acting outside the law, which is much stricter than many policemen tend to act.

It’s a pity that there are people out there like this man dealing with cannabis offences, and it’s another clear reason why cannabis needs to be taken out of the realm where it is a criminal matter entirely.

June 14, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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