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Britain is not exactly at the top of the world’s list when it comes to the origins of great cannabis strains. That is left to the Netherlands and usually the West coast of America, with great landraces coming from countries around the equator across the globe. does that mean that Britain has never produced any great native strains though? Of course not, we have some fantastic home grown strains that come from Britain and they’re perfect to add to the collection of any British seed collector.

If you’re looking for a British native strain, then one needs to look for a British seed company. Big Buddha seeds was founded in Birmingham in the 90s and has never looked back. They’ve given the UK some of its favourite strains, including the one that made its way across the world and the focus of this article - Cheese.

That’s right, the classic pungent favourite Cheese was grown right here in the UK. Legend has it that it’s the result of the back crossing a strain that had been growing in a hippie commune in Gloucestershire for years with a skunk #1, also a firm UK favourite.

Since then Cheese has been bred into a number of fantastic and cannabis cup winning strains such as Blue Cheese and Big Buddha Cheese. Nowadays, the seeds for Big Buddha aren’t developed in the UK, due to the draconian drugs laws we have. They’re grown in the more liberal parts of Spain and then shipped to the UK for our collectors to add to their stash.

If you’re looking for a native UK strain, then look no further than here:


June 09, 2016 by Gareth Arnold


Steven Denham

Steven Denham said:

There’s some great cheese strain around at the moment and as for the police most who you speak to don’t really have a problem with cannabis or a little grow just a few plants it’s just when it’s done on a large scale that’s when they have to go and show action and force so you get the acasional fuck nut spoiling it for every 1 else. Well that’s it from me thanks for my little rant ha

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