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Northern Lights by Nirvana

The small stature of this plant means that it is perfect for indoor grows especially for those with limited available space. Northern Lights genetics are included in most modern indoor strains to help with this. This scrumptious strain boasts a high leaf to flower ratio, great yield, densely compact buds and exceptional resin production.

Northern Lights seeds can be purchased here:

LSD by Barney’s Farm

As it’s name suggests this seed is potent in the same sense as the three lettered drug after which it is named, its highly psychedelic effects make this seed truly unique. This seed has been praised for its adaptability and resilience allowing it to be grown in a varied array of conditions. This high yield plant is also exceedingly resistant to disease making it an almost incomparable specimen. The plants trippy highs are complimented by natural, nutty flavours when smoked. Being somewhat of a crossover between Mazar and old skunk, this plant inherits the power of skunk while still keeping the dominance of indica.

LSD seeds can be purchased here:

Berry Bomb by Bomb Seeds

The unparalleled result of crossbreeding between  Blueberry and the famous Berry #1, infusing the sweet, fruity taste of Blueberry with the inherent potency and strength of Bomb. The plant is easily grown outdoors due to its durability where pests and mold is concerned. On top of this the plant also grows relatively quickly, with six weeks generally being the time in which it takes the plant to develop trichomes which accompany the mouth-watering fruity aroma and taste.

Berry Bomb seeds can be purchased here:

June 02, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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