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We’ve got some awesome new strains in from Bulldog seeds, many of which are great versions of previously well known strains. Today we’re going to be showing you two great autos that you can add to your collection.

Blueberry 420 Auto

Blueberry 420 Auto is a cross of Blueberry with Light of Jah and a Canadian Ruderalis. Its heritage comes for Goa in India and produces a high yield strains with blue shiny buds. 

Blueberry 420  has a juicy berry taste its parentage has won the High Times cup. The newly updated version is a fresh and sweet strain that is great for stress relief. An easy plant to grow, it’s colourful and will impress, while being an auto to boot.

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice is another blueberry cross with some no name sativas that has created something a bit more than the sum of its parts. Hailing from Amsterdam, the blueberry when crossed has turned into a strawberry, and the high THC content of the trichomes on the plant give it an icicle effect. The look and smell will remind of you strawberry ice cream.

May 24, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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