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The UK has traditionally been somewhat behind the rest of the world when it comes to the legalisation of cannabis. While some parts of the US have already got themselves earning millions in tax revenue from the legal recreational markets, the UK still classes cannabis as an illegal and dangerous drug. there are people looking to do something about it though.

Recently there has been a surge in the amount of Cannabis Social Clubs in the UK. These clubs are based in cities and regions around the UK, and their aim is to meet and discuss how cannabis users can push for legalisation in a respectful way. Many of the clubs interact with their local police forces to ensure they are not targeted unfairly for their work. 

Many clubs also grow cannabis amongst themselves to remove any part of the black market for those members who do wish to smoke cannabis. This allows them to control the quality and the ethics behind how their cannabis is produced. They do not however, facilitate the purchase of cannabis or sell it to people. 

This sort of grass roots approach is a fantastic way to get involved in cannabis, and show that people from all walks of life and all over the country use cannabis responsibly. There are now over 60 individual clubs in the UK: You can see the clubs here:

Not on the list? You can read about starting your own local social cannabis club here:

The clubs started after emulating the Spanish model, where cannabis social clubs ensured people could use cannabis safely, away from any one who might be influenced by them, such as children or vulnerable people. 

These groups, showing respect to their communities and interacting with local councils and law enforcement are a great way to change people’s views at the source, rather than relying on national politicians, and as shown in Europe, can be a real force for change when done well.

May 19, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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