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The EU Debate - A Strain For Each Side

If you’re like me, you’re as tired of hearing about the EU referendum that’s coming up. Everyone is just making things up as they go along. We decided we’d find a strain that best represented the two camps Leave and Remain. 

Leave - Grandaddy Purple

People who want to leave the EU tend to be bold British patriotic types who. They’re Nigel Farage, long tweed coat wearing people who vote purple. So in the spirit of purpleness, we decided that the best strain for the leave campaign was Grandaddy Purple. This strain has big bulky nugs that are purple all over. Its so strong it will leave you sitting as an island all on your own. Perfect for the Leave camp.

Remain - Sensi Star

Our friends in the remain camp want to stay in the EU, so we thought a strain that brings everyone together would be a great idea. What better for pan European integration than for people to be smoking Sensi Star, representing the stars that make up all of the individual states on the EU flag. An absolute goliath of indicas, this will hit you hard and make you stay in one place for hours, just what you’re looking for as part of the Remain camp.

June 21, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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