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Ok, so I’m taking a chance here. I mean, I’m writing an article on Facebook deleting medical marijuana pages, and then posting the link on Facebook. I’ll guess we’ll see how long it lasts! BUT, if they do delete this then it simply serves to illustrate the kind of bullshit that I’m reporting, so the irony is that if it is deleted then there is a certain poetry to it. Let’s see…


Anyway, medical marijuana is legal in many US states, so it comes as a surprise that Facebook feel the need to delete the official pages of legal businesses. In addition, there are so many benefits of medical marijuana that to prevent the spread of that information is decidedly against the interest of the people, especially if such information is able to help people! 


"It seems high-handed to simply shut down important resources for sick patients without even saying why or giving organizations a way to ask for reconsideration," said Peter Rosenfeld, one of the 5,668 registered patients in the state program. "What better use of a social media than having sites where parents of sick children can ask questions about medication and treatments?


I may be biased, but even from an objective standpoint this seems a violation of free speech and human rights, no? This is straight up bullshit behaviour. 


I ask you all to share this post on your Facebook page as a sort of test… the bigger reach we get then the more likely Facebook will be aware of the post, and the criticism. If they then delete the post, well, they will be guilty of suppressing free speech. I’ve said nothing that violates the terms and conditions of posting on their site. 

March 08, 2016 by D H

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