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Marijuana v Alcohol: Heroes And Villains

Marijuana is no stranger to having misinformed critiques thrown upon it, for that matter it’s occasional counterpart alcohol is no stranger to controversy either. They are often seen as two sides to an argument, given their ability to intoxicate a use and whilst I could mention the medical potential of both substances as a reason to discuss why they are not really that similar, I am not. In terms of recreational use, I can understand why people view alcohol and marijuana as two sides to the same coin, but the grey area is which one is the antagonist of the story and which is the protagonist. Alcohol is legal and marijuana is not, so for many years it’s been pretty much case closed on that matter, drinking has always been a social thing you do with your mates and smoking marijuana is a sketchy illegal thing done by reprobates and criminals, simple right?

Well I’d argue it’s not so cut and dry, alcohol generally causes people to act out of character and at times you could say it even causes people to act, well, like criminals. I can’t quote exact figures, but I can imagine the the money it costs to repair damage and vandalism done by drunk people is pretty high, especially when you compare this with stoners who aren’t exactly known for their violent actions, or their brutish behaviour, so I’m willing to wager that they cause very little in terms of property damage.

In fact I’d say the only way marijuana smokers are a drain on funds is when police officers are deployed to arrest people for merely smoking a joint or two, understandable if they’re selling, but hardly if they’re merely blazing up with their mates.

December 09, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

Best Christmas Time Stoner Food

Christmas is possibly the best food period of the whole year, scratch that, it is the best period for food. The variations of sweet and savory in the form of snacks and meals is astounding and almost overwhelming. Well, it would be overwhelming were I not a stoner and therefore my appetite knows no, or very few, bounds. If it tastes good it eats good essentially. From meats to sweets, there is pretty much something for everyone in the food department to help get them in the Christmas spirit. Before I begin to sound like an M&S advert I will commence my brief list detailing what I think are the best things about Christmas in terms of things you can consume while stoned, or otherwise I guess, but it’s always better being stoned.


In England, and Europe in general, chocolate is a little different as in it’s better. American chocolate is nice in a sugary sweet way but European chocolate is rich, really rich. Every shop seems to sell some form of expensive chocolate this time of year. From high quality hand crafted chocolates perfect for loved ones, to outrageously sized bars of Dairy Milk and who can forget selection boxes. On top of this, more variations of Terry’s chocolate orange than ever seen anywhere before, seriously, new ones seem to pop up every year. I mean they make great gifts, but it is also pretty easy to plough through a full box of chocolates while watching a film or reading.

Pigs In Blanket

I love the idea of pigs in blankets as much as the taste. Small sausages wrapped in a blanket of bacon, genius, unnecessary but brilliant, so much pig for such a bite sized snack. Well, traditionally they are part of the Christmas dinner meal itself, but I reckon they would make a great snack in their own right. Probably, definitely, very fattening but who cares, it’s Christmas.


Bet you didn’t see that coming did ya? Of course I had to include Turkey, a Christmas staple, It was a close toss up between Turkey and Goose but in the end I had to go with the classic, the staple. Generally turkey can be a pretty dry meat, but if cooked right it can be really tasty and have a great texture.


December 08, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

Best TV For Staying Home Over Winter

Chances are over the next couple of weeks many people will have some time off work due to Christmas, if not then chances are you will be going outside less due to the weather getting colder and the days drawing to a close earlier and beginning later. This means it is a great time to catch up on TV programs, whether they be nostalgia trips down memory lane or recent discoveries building hype amongst your mates, you don’t want to be left out, or worse, have it spoiled for you. On top of this, there will be a ton of Christmas films on actual television, if you’re feeling a bit more old fashioned. But this list will refer to programs essentially made for binge watching on lazy days.


Based on the 1973 film and subsequent franchise of the same name, do not mistake Westworld for merely a soft reboot and renovation of the old one, this show is far more complex and thrilling than the aforementioned thriller. From the off, Westworld seeks to mess with your perception of reality with it’s bizarre narrative coupled with actual Western narratives which are one of the main focus of the show. This show looks great and shows the true extent of human curiosity coupled with basic animalistic instincts.

Luke Cage

Another definitive 2016 show, and another impressive entry into Marvel comics growing street-level corner of it’s cinematic universe. Spinning out of the equally gripping Jessica Jones, Luke Cage presents a brilliant picture of civil rights struggles in an updated manner, showcasing both the joys and tragedies which befall the black community in 2016 New York.

Rick and Morty

With both series of this animated sci-fi comedy being added to Netflix recently, now is the perfect time to start watching, especially with a third series coming out in the near future. This series is the perfect animated comedy for a new generation, being both current and surreally bizarre in its humour, the adventures of Rick and Morty seek to ridicule everything wrong with the world we live in from establishment to the ways we interact.

December 07, 2016 by Gareth Arnold
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Baby It's Cold Outside, Smoke Inside

Its that time of year again, as the British phrase goes, it’s bloody freezing. It isn’t just cold outside, I’m inside as I write this and I’m shivering. This is the time of year where going outside becomes a lot more difficult, not in the sense of literally walking out of the door, that is generally as easy as ever unless you live in a really cold area where your door has been frozen shut. What I’m referring to is, the cold gets to you it makes you, well cold, and also makes it a little more difficult to move your joints and limbs. This means rolling a joint is difficult, verging on don’t bother. So, yeah, maybe don’t bother, smoking a joint outside in this weather is for the most part a waste of time, you may as well roll and smoke inside.

Smoking inside is nice, and when you get to a certain age pretty much you and everyone you know can pretty much smoke inside their homes. I am still in my early twenties so the days of living with my parents and having to smoke weed in the most awful conditions is still a recent memory, I look back fondly in hindsight, however, at the time it was really awful.

Having my own house in which to smoke weed is great, it’s definitely a lot nicer than going outside. But nonetheless the only time one should smoke outside in winter is when it snows and on Christmas day, and obviously both. Going on walks when either of these conditions are met is the perfect time for a couple of joints outside. One thing to make sure of is that you don’t roll up outside, do that in your house before setting off.

December 06, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

Marijuana And Staying Positive

By now I am pretty sure we all agree that a positive attitude is essential in life, this extends beyond merely trying to put a positive spin on negative situations, and refers more to being proactive, and doing your best in maintaining optimum physical and mental health. In fact, people may often hide and dismiss negativity under the banner of maintaining a positive attitude, this may be beneficial to you in the short term but will almost always prove detrimental in the long term. I myself have been guilty of this on a number of occasions, however, I now realise (most of the time) that doing this kind of thing will cause me more harm than good in the future. Marijuana is often tarnished by many as a drug for lazy people, however, if you do the right things whilst you’re stoned it can be pretty beneficial.

Now this pretty much only works if you’re stoned alone or with your significant other/someone who you have a good working and/or creative relationship with. Marijuana can provide you with a healthy dose of enthusiasm towards, well, pretty much anything. As a writer and blogger, I find myself, unintentionally, dedicating whole days to cycles of mild self-loathing and disillusionment before finding the solution in the oddest of places. I often find that this process can be broken down and achieved much easier by merely smoking a joint or having a bong hit and watching or doing something intellectually or emotionally stimulating.

This doesn’t in any way mean you have to do something ‘boring’ but rather merely something that’s essentially not spending your time trawling through social media. For instance for someone who is creative, watching a film or series is great, as your stoned brain will analyse and distil everything you like about it, you may even discover new things you like.

December 05, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

Talent Show Contestant Dedicates Rendition Of 'Please Come Home For Christmas' To His Missing Weed

Audiences across Britain are, at this point, accustomed to baffling displays of ‘talent’ on the seemingly unending slate of British ‘talent’ shows. Naturally, there are only a small number of contestants who have anything close to resembling talent, but it is in the earlier rounds where you generally find the real fun, the oddballs and weirdos who enter occasionally as a joke but many times blissfully ignorant to their strangeness. This years X-Factor, however, has allowed some of the oddballs through such as the now infamous Honey G and the lesser known Dan-K who has thus far flown just under the radar. Dan-K real name Daniel Kingston from Scunthorpe has wowed the judges thus far with his Badly Drawn Boy-esque laid back voice covering indie classic after indie classic.

This week he went for something a bit different, namely ‘Please come home for Christmas’ by The Eagles, so as to stick to the Christmas theme of Tuesday’s show. The song has been covered by many an artist from Jon Bon Jovi to Kelly Clarkson. Dan still managed to make the performance his own, by dedicating the song to a few grams of marijuana he had misplaced last week. The audience were as bamboozled as the judges by that remark but nonetheless  Dan still managed to get through with a strong performance.

Sharon Osbourne told Dan, “You’ve looked so happy and laid back throughout the competition, but tonight you looked like you were singing with purpose, singing to someone or something, like you meant every word, you made the song your own.”

All judges bar Simon Cowell echoed a similar sentiment. When questioned about the dedication after, Dan said, “You know, it’s just something I’d really like back, it would be a pretty good Christmas miracle and a sign of a bright future.”

December 01, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

Marijuana: The Importance Of Not Being Idle

Marijuana is a substance which has long been associated with being lazy, lethargic and idle. Whilst these are true in some ways, it does relax you and can render you momentarily inhibited, but this does not mean that people who smoke marijuana are lazy people, quite the opposite in many cases, many stoners work extra hard so as to fight and contradict the stigma which surrounds marijuana. The title of this article has more than one meaning, yes while it is essential for us to not be lazy as people, we also must not be lazy in supporting this recent push for reform in the UK. As every other time Britain has found itself in a situation such as the current one, many campaigners have been forced out of the spotlight, waiting for a later time, although this isn’t the fault of campaigners.

Being productive as a stoner is key, not for reform as such, and it can be a small step towards big change. A great step towards this for some is to make marijuana an incentive, for example don’t allow yourself any or abstain from having any marijuana until you have completed every task you had to that day. This will make being stoned seem more of a reward and therefore most likely nicer.

I’m not suggesting any radical change is in order, but essentially we need to make a real change to both the stigma surrounding cannabis smokers and subsequently this will give us a big boost towards reform in Britain. We live in uncertain times, therefore change has never been easier, just make sure it is change in the right direction.

December 01, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

4 Strains To Help You Unwind

You know the drill, you come home from work or wherever else, things either haven’t been going the way you wanted to or have just taken too long, either way the day’s stresses have taken their toll on you. The best way for you to remedy this is to do something that relaxes you, and given the nature of this blog, It would be very remiss of me not to suggest a number of great cannabis strains which, hypothetically or otherwise, would be great for unwinding and relaxing.

Auto Yumbolt

The mother of this auto flowering variety (Yumbolt), originated in Afghanistan and was naturalised in the mountains of Humboldt County, California, for over thirty years. It is a genetic kept unchanged for a long time. The father is a copy of Lowryder selected for its resin production and its aroma. This blooming flowers auto populating entire plant buds, which end up being dense clusters of flowers coated with resin, from the side branches to the main stem. This weed can produce a near psychedelic effect, meaning you will be more thoughtful and your head may be cleared of all your stress for the time being.

Pineapple Gum

A heavy dose of haze mixed with pineapple makes for a great strain.Thanks to the haze influence it is not a total couch-locker and allows the user to remain energised. Expect fruity pineapple scents with a hint of citrus.

Mazar X Great White Shark

A cross between the legendary Mazar i Sharif (known for its high resin yields) and Great White Shark, its Afghan genes provide characteristic resin production levels while its taste is predetermined by Great White Shark. The result is a very potent, better tasting strain with a high percentage of resin.

Brainstorm Haze G13

As the name suggests, this strain can produce a deep and thoughtful high. The Brainstorm side of the plant gives it a rich woody sandalwood flavour, very typical of the south east Asia land races. The G-13 haze also gives it a pungy haze middle taste that bites the longer you inhale. A really powerful flavour for the haze lover.
November 30, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

Thoughts On The UK Marijuana Scene

While marijuana is still illegal, many would be forgiven for thinking that the UK doesn’t really have a marijuana scene of sorts, which would be wrong. There are communities and clubs, but I would believe the main ‘scene’ is the sort of universal, unspoken and subconscious bond which is shared by those who love marijuana. Being a marijuana smoker means you have a bond with a fellow smoker as soon as you meet them. Marijuana smokers tend not to discriminate, we also tend to be a pretty peaceful lot, as Mike Skinner put it on Streets The Irony Of It All ‘we’re not louts’.

So yeah, I would argue that the UK marijuana scene is more of a fluid and hypothetical thing as opposed to a solid group or body, whilst communities and clubs are nice, there is nothing more beautiful about marijuana than the way it brings random people together from all walks of life and creates a sense of kinship. I mean, you can meet people at a party who you’ve literally never seen before and end up spending the whole night with them, getting high, and perhaps unravelling all your problems, this may seem ridiculous, but getting high with someone is an experience which familiarises people.

We, in the UK, have learned to strive in the face adversity and opposition when it comes to marijuana, we have come together in the face of constant hassle by the police over what we’ve always seen as something harmless. To this end, it is great to see officials finally realising the benefits that can come from making marijuana legal.


November 29, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

The Media And Weed

Now we all know the US has sensationalist news essentially all across the board, however, in the UK our media also succumbs to such sensationalism but in a more niche way. We have newspapers commonly called tabloids which generally align themselves with right-wing politics, providing it can rile people up in support of the paper, however, their views tend to flip-flop when it suits them. Their stance on weed has been pretty clear, painting it as a substance used by criminals and reprobates generally, unless of course it’s a ‘laddish’ idol who is doing the smoking.

Tabloid newspapers rarely report on marijuana unless someone has been arrested for possessing large quantities of it, someone who just happens to have marijuana in his system has committed a completely unrelated crime, a d-list celebrity has been seen smoking it or a relation of a real celebrity has been caught with it. This provides a moment's entertainment naturally, but after a minute or so you return to being disgusted by their inability to actually report ‘news’ in favour of quick headlines with little substance, it is the pre-internet age equivalent of click-bait.

This comes off the back of recent reporting of Madonna's son Rocco being caught with weed in London, why such a fuss should be made in unknown to me, he could be doing a lot worse. This was seemingly the most prescient news story pertaining to marijuana in the UK all year. Or you would think so the way it was reported on. When the UK politicians called for legalisation the other week, this received very little coverage from mainstream print newspaper.
November 28, 2016 by Gareth Arnold