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The Capacity For Changes In The Law

Britain seems in a perpetual cycle of stagnation and progress, for the smallest glimmer of progress there is a wealth of stagnation, for every MP who announces their support for cannabis reform, there is a higher-up who instantly makes it their duty to squash these attempts at progress. In the wake of Trump’s victory and looming inauguration, whether you’re against it or not, it has proven one thing, and that is the fact that change is possible, whether that be positive change or not is in the eye of the beholder and the hands of the voter.

Alongside Brexit last year, this proves that the political system has the capacity for big changes, which begs the question, why can’t we reform things on a smaller scale? I’m talking about Britain specifically here, as America’s state laws and regulations allow for small-scale change, Brexit was an enormous upheaval to not only Britain but Europe and the world as a whole, politicians can be ferocious in their campaigns for this but apparently it’s taboo to even drum up the smallest bit of support for drug reform.

I have mentioned previously that current Prime Minister Theresa May has a lot to do with the current lack of progression in terms of cannabis reform. However, she is not the be-all and end-all. A month or so ago, a group of MP’s announced plans to bring about cannabis legalization, in keeping with other European countries recently. While the ball may be rolling behind the scenes, it certainly seems as if the campaign ran out of steam before it could really gather any momentum.
January 19, 2017 by Gareth Arnold

Productive Pot Use

By now I am pretty sure we all agree that positivity is essential in life, this extends beyond merely trying to put a positive spin on negative situations, and refers more to being proactive, and doing your best in maintaining optimum physical and mental health. In fact, people may often hide and dismiss negativity under the banner of maintaining a positive attitude, this may be beneficial to you in the short term but will almost always prove detrimental in the long term. I myself have been guilty of this on a number of occasions, however, I now realize (most of the time) that doing this kind of thing will cause me more harm than good in the future. Marijuana is often tarnished by many as a drug for lazy people, however, if you do the right things whilst you’re stoned it can be pretty beneficial.

Now, this pretty much only works if you’re stoned alone or with your significant other/someone who you have a good working and/or creative relationship with. Marijuana can provide you with a healthy dose of enthusiasm towards, well, pretty much anything. As a writer and blogger, I find myself, unintentionally, dedicating whole days to cycles of mild self-loathing and disillusionment before finding the solution in the oddest of places. I often find that this process can be broken down and achieved much easier by merely smoking a joint or having a bong hit and watching or doing something intellectually or emotionally stimulating.

This doesn’t in any way mean you have to do something ‘boring’ but rather merely something that’s essentially not spending your time trawling through social media. For instance for someone who is creative, watching a film or series is great, as your stoned brain will analyze and distil everything you like about it, you may even discover new things you like.

January 18, 2017 by Gareth Arnold

Law And Marijuana

With the idea of legalization in the UK, it is easy to envision a system such as what we are seeing happen in states of America, with marijuana being viewed as medicine, due to the USA being widely considered a counterpart to the UK. However, it seems way more likely and a lot more feasible that England and its peers would go more so in the direction of The Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, with concerns to marijuana. This would mean marijuana was decriminalized, not legalized, which would permit it to be smoked in a controlled environment and possessed for ‘personal’ use only. Now just imagine if your ‘local’ was an Amsterdam style coffee shop as opposed to a clapped out old boozer, weird to think about but imagine it anyway.

For starters, crime would probably see a slight decrease in terms of the percentage which spawns from drunken brawls and the such. This means you’d probably also be less likely to encounter any interpersonal problems such as arguments or potential fights. I imagine this calming wave stemming from British social life and nightlife would wash over the population somewhat, and ‘chill out’ the nation in general.

Imagine the conversation which would follow a couple of joints in a social pub-like environment, you’d likely find the level of intelligence and interest in terms of conversation would increase tenfold due to the amount of ‘out there’ ideas and thoughts spurred on by marijuana. Instead of some middle aged blokes commenting on how they’d still have sex with Madonna if ‘Hung Up’ came on on the jukebox, you’d have a bunch of people commenting on the use of ABBA’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ as a sample, much more stimulating.

The major drawback of the marijuana industry infringing on the alcohol industry would be that sales of donner kebabs would drop drastically, however, this would not necessarily mean major losses for  local business as sales of takeaway pizza and generally nicer takeaway food would probably rise, as not to sound pretentious, drunk people will essentially eat anything whereas stoners will eat most things but generally have better taste. Also on the plus side it also means you are less likely to see donner kebab, regurgitated or otherwise, splattered across the pavement on your way to work on Monday morning.

January 17, 2017 by Gareth Arnold

Stoned Stupidity And Marijuana Myths

I write a lot about the effects and subsequent wonders of marijuana, it has a varied array of them, spanning from the intoxicating to the medical, I never really talk about what marijuana doesn’t do. Marijuana is thought dangerous by non-smokers probably due to the exaggerated reports on what being stoned is like. Many people seem to believe that marijuana causes bizarre hallucinogenic effect mixed with the inhibition-shedding which spawns from alcohol. Yeah, seriously, why do people use being high as an excuse for doing really dumb things? I’m really not sure, but I’ll certainly give my ten cents on the matter.

Marijuana and petty, street crime are seemingly eternally entwined. Many article headlines will refer to a person having robbed a shop or some such place, with some ridiculous twist such as the person wearing nothing but a Santa hat, before adding that the person was ‘high on marijuana’.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on criminal psychology so I don’t care to speculate on what drives human beings to do such bizarre things, however, I have been stoned a fair few times now and I’ve never really considered the positives of performing some sort of robbery in an odd manner. That’s not to say I’m not capable, because clearly it’s something all stoners do.

All jokes aside, I’m not disputing the fact that the people who perform said odd crimes aren’t stoned, it’s just these articles mention marijuana as if that was the driving force behind the act. I rarely want to do much besides eat, watch something, play something, listen to something, talk about something, maybe write something, draw something or drink something when I’m stoned, never do I ever really decide I want to do something I wouldn’t be comfortable doing when sober. Whilst I do enjoy things more when I’m stoned, I have never seen anyone act actively out of character when stoned.

January 16, 2017 by Gareth Arnold

What Would You Use If You'd Ran Out Of Papers?

We’ve all been there, we’ve all been found lacking when it comes to something needed to roll a spliff. Many a time it may be tobacco, however, you can remedy this by rolling it pure. Often it could be roach card, yet, just about anything can be used as roach providing its made of cardboard which many things are. You are only really well and truly fucked if you don’t have a paper to roll your weed in, that is unless you don’t have any weed at which point just don’t bother or buy some. Not having a paper can be the be all and end all of your evening providing, of course, you do not have a bong or vaporizers, or any sort of pipe in which to consume your marijuana. Many people don’t so I’m gonna briefly go all Bear Grylls/Ray Mears on you and give you some ideas pertaining to the best and worst choice of paper/rizla substitute.

Best - Bus Ticket

The main issue with a bus ticket is the fact it doesn’t have a gumline, which admittedly is a bit of a bastard, however, with a lot of saliva this can be remedied. Providing you don’t mind smoking whatever chemicals go into make a bus ticket, a bus ticket is just like a very thick rizla with a couple of floors. Alongside the aforementioned lack of gum line, bus tickets often tend to be small, however, if you do have a large one say two tickets in one or a ticket alongside a receipt you are in luck but if not then you’re in for a very small spliff.

Worst - Tissue or Toilet Roll

I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this is a bad idea, however, for the sake of comparison I will. You may think paper is paper in any form, but bear in mind that tissue and toilet paper is just way too flimsy, being made up of two or three layers of extremely thin paper. Even if you did succeed in the herculean task of actually rolling a joint in tissue, you would likely regret this as soon as you sparked the joint.

January 13, 2017 by Gareth Arnold

How To Overdose On Marijuana (Spoiler: You Can't Really)

Recently, more through curiosity as opposed to sheer paranoia, I have been researching the ridiculous ways in which people can, or more so believe they can, die from marijuana. The idea that one can die from marijuana is always furiously refuted by stoners and logical people alike, that is because you can’t really overdose on marijuana. I say ‘really’ because the sheer amount you would have to smoke would be around 1500lbs of green in 15 minutes, and even then it would be the massive smoke intake which would kill you as opposed to the actual marijuana itself.

Can you imagine smoking 1500lbs of marijuana in 15 minutes, in case you were wondering that's 24,000 ounces of marijuana to be smoked in 15 minutes. Fucking easy, right? Yeah you’d have to be a right nancy boy not to be able to bun off 24,000 ounce in a single zoot.I’m telling you, these sorry excuses for stoners these days, back in the day we’d buy that amount to ourselves, then begin texting the dealer for more 10 minutes after getting it. And now they call it overdose material, that probably tells you more about modern society than it does about marijuana.

My interest in this topic arose after a number of claims in recent years of fatalities in conjunction with marijuana. The idea that someone could smoke to required amount to overdose is beyond insane, in fact, you might even say it’s impossible or at the very least improbable. Either way, that much weed in 15 minutes and you probably wouldn’t realize for a good amount of time if you were dying or not if you were gonna smoke that much I'd recommend having a drink with you as you will probably cough, splutter and have a dry mouth.
January 12, 2017 by Gareth Arnold
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When Can Weed Ever Go Wrong?

We hear time and time again the perils of these so called ‘drugs’ outlawed by, well, the law and also the media. While obviously I am not here to promote use of crack or heroin, the danger posed by both is real, but rather to separate marijuana from the crowd so to speak. Marijuana is lumped in with dangerous drugs due to the fact that it is illegal and also widely used. Marijuana is not a killer like other drugs, it is also far better for you and can be used as medicine, however, there are times when marijuana can have somewhat of a negative effect on you.

If you drink alcohol prior to smoking some herb then it is unlikely to go to well, providing you consume a relatively substantial amount of either, yet many people forget this. Whether you be amateur or seasoned veteran when it comes to smoking marijuana, you may still find yourself feeling a tad unwell after a drunk smoke. I have never really mastered the art of smoking while drunk, which is a shame as many of my friends or pro when it comes to doing it, but I digress, I’m not 16 anymore and therefore need not have to attempt to impress people by trying. It never ends well.

I guess smoking marijuana before an exam of any kind, providing you aren’t extremely good at the subject in question and therefore marijuana give you some sort of brain boost, as it can force your mind to wander and wonder about other things. This is good for casual and creative endeavours, however, in situations which require a controlled level of concentration, marijuana may not be right.

January 11, 2017 by Gareth Arnold
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Whats Going On With Bud In Britain?

Remember a couple of months into last year when, for about a day, newspapers lit up with talk of a number of MP’s from across the political spectrum calling for the legalization of marijuana? Yeah me to, and I’ve sort of been waiting hopefully for this to resolved and built upon like the many unresolved plot threads of a cancelled television show, or otherwise a very lackluster one. However, with powerful talks from PM Theresa May and her cadre of conservatives about Brexit, breakfast and all the such, discussions based around marijuana in the public eye seem to have all but ground to a holt.

In the past few months, however, our (stoners) luck somewhat turned around with the announcements of two major plans for cannabis in areas of the UK. The announcement that British Sugar will be growing Cannabis in Norfolk to supply large drugs company GW Pharmaceuticals came alongside a new study to be carried out in Belfast to determine if marijuana-based medication could act as a good painkiller and/or treatment for arthritis.

Since then, former deputy PM  Nick Clegg has penned a letter advocating marijuana’s potential as a medicine, as well as having seemingly allied himself with MP’s from across the spectrum, in hopes that parliament will heed their pleas.

All of these announcements are substantial in the sense that they are taking place within mainstream society to an extent as opposed to independently on the fringes of society. However, therein may lie the problem, whilst the funding from big pharma companies all but guarantees a certain level of success, the project could be marred with the same problems which led people to look to marijuana as a medical solution. Meaning that many drugs are more for profit than for actual medical benefit, this is not to say pharmaceuticals have no medical benefit, it’s just common knowledge that profit supercedes everything.
January 10, 2017 by Gareth Arnold

The Morning After Marijuana

Waking up with a hangover is, in a way, pretty awful, it can change the mood and tone of your whole day. It is pretty much always effective in a negative way, often making your day worse. For  me right now, it is impacting upon my work life, my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity and I’m generally a lot worse off than I would be normally. Alcohol consumption, for me, acts as a sort of perpetuating regret in that every time Ii drink I regret it the morning after, however, I do quite like drinking but I will not pretend for a second that it’s particularly beneficial for you in any physical way.

In a roundabout way, this brings me to the thought of a stone-over, which is like the quaint alternative to the hangover. If a hangover were to be a city then a stone-over is a village, relaxed and chilled out, not too hectic.

Waking up with a stone-over might make you a bit slower than usual however it’s a nice slow. It makes you drift through the day at a slower pace to everyone else.

The slowness is unlikely to last all day, it will wear off and ease you gently into the day, as if you were gently flowing through the day. You may find that you can better approach things once this wears off, being calmer, more collected and all together less stressed.

January 09, 2017 by Gareth Arnold
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If You're Anti-Marijuana, Whats Your Problem?

It’s not just that many people who are anti-marijuana are not smokers, it’s more the fact that they generally use their not smoking marijuana as a reason why marijuana shouldn’t be legal. And the point is, this is not only invalid but sort of unfair and really ridiculous. The scientific and medical benefits which can be derived from marijuana have been proven in numerous studies, therefore it is almost undeniable. Which is why it’s high time (geddit?) people stop looking as marijuana as merely something you wrap in a rizla, smoke and get high. The sanctions imposed upon marijuana based upon it’s most common, recreational use are preventing marijuana from achieving its full medical potential.

This sort of thing is not particularly new nor does it only happen with marijuana, it is often used in businesses such as prostitution, people fail to see that prostitution would be much safer if it were to be legalised and regulated, but its reputation prevents that from happening.

Like the time Jon Snow smoked marijuana on TV and pranged out in an MRI machine (it was odd) whilst it was funny, like watching that younger kid smoke weed for the first time and think he was flying and then a second later dying. But at the core of this public shaming of marijuana is the idea that Snow claimed he’d smoked ‘skunk’ full of chemicals, and for starters that would be marijuana for experienced stoners any, but also this would be something legalisation would fix. You can’t monitor a grow in someone's loft but you can regulate a medical-grade legal grow, therefore you can control the strength and ensure first timers don’t have bad experiences.

January 06, 2017 by Gareth Arnold
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