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Next Generation - Grapegod

£8.50 GBP per seed

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Here at Pick 'n' Mix we know that The Grapegod is a strain you will enjoy! The amount of time and dedication spent on this strain illustrates its enviable characteristics. 8 years of hard work breeding went into this strain before it was ever released. Each generation that was tried and tested was picked from a large selection of potential parents. What we have ended up with is a beautifully selected strain sure to be enjoyed across the board.

This Grapegod has been carefully selected for its deep flavour, beautiful appearance and very large yields. That why it is very popular within the Pick 'n' Mix Seeds community.

Flowering: Indoor: 50 days>
Outdoor: Oct. 1


Product descriptions are provided by the breeders. The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries and all products on this site are sold for souvenir purposes only or for the preservation of genetics should laws change in the future. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW.

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