The Doctor

The Doctor

Green House


£3.75 GBP

The Doctor is a model indica strain that has fantastic genes; its parentage is a mix of the legendary ‘Great White Shark’, ‘South Indian’ and ‘Super Skunk’ which come together to create a versatile plant that is a great producer both indoors and out. These weed seeds are quickly becoming a modern classic due to its early harvest, after just 8 weeks, and the effect which is a very typically indican super strong and fairly instant all over body stone which happily lasts a long time too. • Genetics: Great White Shark x South Indian x Super Skunk. • Indoor growing: Ready to harvest in 8 weeks. But give it the extra week and it will produce amazing resin and a sweeter taste. • Indoor Yield: up to 800gr/sqm. • Outdoor growing: Ready towards the end of September. • Outdoor Yield up to 1200 gr/plant. • THC: 17.69% • CBD: 0.21% • CBG: 0.06%

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