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The Church
£3.00 GBP per seed
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Cannabis Seeds Information

The Church cannabis seeds have yet to be introduced into competitions but that does not mean they are not worthy of an award! Not only does the The Church boast extremely advantageous growing characteristics - it is superb for humid or rainy areas as it provides a great resin production and is very resistant to mould. It is also popular among those looking for a special taste and social effect.

The Church provides a unique and special taste from many other cannabis seeds with a strong social feeling. Its unique taste has proved it very popular across the marijuana seed industry.

These seeds are not to be missed by those looking for a very heavy indica feeling with a long lasting high.

Flowering indoor is 9 weeks with a yield of 700 to 800 gr/ sqm. For those flowering outdoor, you can expect The Church to be ready in early October above the equator and in early May in the Southern hemisphere with a yield up to 900 gr/plant.

THC: 20.28%
CBD: 0.16%
CBG: 0.16%


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