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White Widow x Big Bud
£4.00 GBP per seed

Cannabis Seeds Information

White Widow x Big Bud – the names says it all! This cross breeding has brought together two famous strains and combined their best characteristics to bring you a super plant which can fulfil your needs.

This strain has married the notorious strength of White Widow with the big buds you’d expect from its name partner. The White Widow x Big Bud has become a very popular strain with massive yield and heavy stone; it gives you a great high that is sharp and strong.

This strain has become famous for its huge buds that are literally dripping with THC carrying resin and these seeds are perfect for beginners as they are easy to grow and maintain.


Product descriptions are provided by the breeders. The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries and all products on this site are sold for souvenir purposes only or for the preservation of genetics should laws change in the future. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW.

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